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#1 Oleg_S » 01.05.2010, 07:58

Full Metal Panic

— Bonta-Kun

Full Metal Panic! is a hybrid novel/manga/anime series, which tells the stories of Sergeant Sōsuke Sagara, a young soldier of the mercenary anti-terrorism organization Mithril, and Kaname Chidori, the Japanese high school student he's assigned to protect.

Unbeknownst even to herself, Kaname possesses special knowledge that numerous organizations would like dearly to control for their own means. As such, Sōsuke is assigned to infiltrate her high school in order to protect her while pretending to be an ordinary student, and without her knowing that she's in danger. Sōsuke, unfortunately, has no social experience outside his military life, having been literally raised as a soldier, and thus has no idea how to properly act in a civilian life.

Hilarity ensues, but before long Kaname will be drawn into Sōsuke's world as well when the forces that want her for their own make their move to seize the girl, kicking off a globe-hopping plot as Sōsuke balances his bodyguard duties for Kaname with his duties as a member of Mithril's military forces.

Full Metal Panic! – первоначально серия ранобэ (Light Novels), популярных в Японии новелл с картинками. Серия стала настолько успешной, что сначала была адаптирована в манга-сериал, выпускавшийся в журнале «Newtype», а затем и в аниме от «Gonzo Animation». Два следующих сезона аниме Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu и Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid были выпущены компанией «Kyoto Animation». В отличие от первого сезона и Second Raid, относящихся преимущественно к жанру боевика, содержание Fumoffu заметно более легкое и мирное (Lighter And Softer). Этот сезон посвящен приключениям Соске в старшей школе.
Хотя серия FMP представлена сразу в нескольких форматах, атмосфера и сюжет оригинальных новелл сохранены в каждом из них, а изменения незначительны.

В настоящий момент ожидается публикация одиннадцатой новеллы, которая должна завершить собой основной сюжет, хотя автор не исключает возможности появления потом новых коротких рассказов. В аниме экранизированы первые пять новелл основного сюжета и некоторые из коротких рассказов.

Главные герои:
- Соске Сагара, выращенный волками (Raised By Wolves), солдат, практически выросший на войне. Пытается вписаться в нормальную жизнь, чтобы при необходимости защитить Канаме. Главный злодей (Big Bad) также называет его именем Кашим.
- Канаме, цундере (Tsundere), чьи таинственные способности Посвященной являются одной из главных интриг сюжета.
- Тесса, юный капитан ВМФ «Мифрила». Командует подводной лодкой «Туата Де Данаан». Кроме того Тесса – один из углов любовного треугольника (Love Triangle), она соперничает с Канаме за любовь Соске.
- Мелисса Мао, командир Соске. Эта девушка любит выпить (Bottle Fairy) и играет в компании роль крутой старшей сестры (Cool Big Sis).
- Курц Вебер, симпатичный повеса (Handsome Lech) и высококлассный снайпер.
- Андрей Калинин, помощник капитана на ТДД, заведует разработкой военных операций. Его отношения с Соске напоминают отношения отца и сына.

Хотя FMP относится к жанру меха (Humongous Mecha), в сюжете ощутимо чувствуется реалистическое начало. Художественный мир FMP способен захватить даже требовательного зрителя, здесь есть место и смешным, и серьезным, а порой и берущим за душу событиям. С этой серией безусловно стоит ознакомиться каждому любителю аниме.
Не путать с Fullmetal Alchemist и Full Metal Jacket (что бы там Соске ни думал по этому поводу).
SS/CK_fan (Кто-то же должен поддерживать баланс. ;) И дело тут не в награде, а в удовольствии.)
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#2 Oleg_S » 03.05.2010, 22:24

Full Metal Panic! provides examples of:

The Abridged Series: And it's highly reminiscent of the early episodes of hbi's Berserk.
Absurdly Powerful Student Council: Between Hayashimizu's negotiation tactics and Sousuke's overkill.
Handwaved as the Principal specifically not wanting to interfere in their decisions. The way she says it, we are definitely led to believe that she could if she wanted to.
Accidental Pervert: Sōsuke. Happens so often that Kaname has become Genre Savvy about it.
Action Survivor: Kaname is one at times, particularly when she got the jump on an assassin with nothing but a taser and a bathrobe.
And a pair of white panties, while covering her exposed breasts with the free hand
Actor Allusion: In the dub at least, Takuma is played by Shinji Ikari, on arguing that he doesn't want to climb into his giant mecha he is told he mustn't run away.
A Father To His Men: Andrey Kalinin
Against The Setting Sun: Subverted.
All There In The Manual: Borderline, as one can follow the story easily in each incarnation, but the details missing from either adaptation still make this a completist's minor nightmare.
Aloof Big Brother: Leonard Testarossa
Alternate History: The Soviet Union continues to exist in the present. And so does the Cold War (plus mecha).
Amulet Of Concentrated Awesome: The lambda diver, though most characters who have it are awesome enough without having to use it.
Anguished Declaration Of Love: Gauron's "I LOVE YOU KASHIM!" Sōsuke was not amused.
Anime Anatomy: Most noticeably in the first anime's opening.
Averted in The Second Raid with Yu Fan and Yu Lan.
Ascended Extra: Yu Fan and Yu Lan in the anime.
The Atoner: Kalinin towards Sōsuke, as revealed in their backstory. He always feels extremely guilty for allowing Sōsuke's mother to die, and also for leaving Sōsuke in the orphanage which led to Sōsuke eventually becoming a cold-blooded killer.
Ax Crazy: Gauron, Gates, the kid who piloted the Behemoth... Pretty much all Lambda Driver users except Sousuke, point of fact.
Badass Normal: After TSR Kaname certainly gained this status. Also, is hinted in one episode in the first season, that she'd make an awesome AS pilot.
Bad Boss: Gates, who has a Running Gag about killing his own men for pretty much no reason at all.
Beach Episode
Beautiful All Along: Although she's actually pretty cute normally, THIS is apparently what Kyoko looks like with her glasses off and her hair let out of its braids.
Belligerent Sexual Tension: Sōsuke and Kaname.
Big Lipped Alligator Moment: At the end of an episode of Fumoffu, a normally kind janitor is fed his prize koi fish (on accident), causing him to get possessed by a demon, grab a chainsaw he keeps in his closet, and attack Sosuke and his friend. Or something. It's never mentioned again, and the janitor is back to normal in the morning.
The janitor does make a very brief appearance in the last episode of Fumoffu, having apparently reverted to his chainsaw-wielding demon self during the anarchy of the released bio-weapon.
Bishonen: Kurz Weber, Leonard Testarossa. Hell, Leonard is as pretty as his sister.
Black Box: Black Technology.
Blood Knight: Gauron. He doesn't care which side he's on, as long as he can cause destruction and have his Foe Yay with Sōsuke.
Bodyguard Crush: Sōsuke, on Kaname obviously.
Bolivian Army Ending: Referenced in episode 6 as part of a whole reference to Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid.
Boobs Of Steel: At least regarding the relative athletic and combat skills of Mao, Kaname, and Tessa.
Boot Camp Episode: In Fumoffu, the protagonist organizes a boot camp on two occasions, playing the Drill Sergeant Nasty in it.
Boy Meets Girl: The first novel and first episode is literally called "Fighting Boy Meets Girl".
Bunny Ears Lawyer: Mao
Tessa can seem like this, at least in the first few episodes of the anime.
But Not Too Foreign: Belfangan Clouseau
Caucasian Asian: An early episode has one of the KGB agents referring to Gauron as a "Chinaman". He corrects the agent, saying that he's Japanese. The purpose of this exchange seems to be to tell the viewers that Gauron is in fact Asian, as he isn't drawn significantly differently from the white characters.
Actually, given the original market, it seems to be more to explain to viewers that Gauron isn't Chinese despite having a Cantonese handle (technically speaking, he's known as "Gaulung") and to foreshadow that he's not Khmer, despite his service as a child soldier under the Khmer Rouge.
Chaste Hero: Sōsuke. He doesn't understand anything about romance. He thinks that "kissing" is a synonym for CPR, "flirting" means trapping girls in cages and holding them captive at gunpoint, and that a condom is for storing water.
He actually had no idea what the first two were and likely had to ask what the last one was for. The first two were described as "putting your lips together" and "girl hunting" or there abouts. Considering special force have been using condoms to keep water out of the barrel of their guns for decades, they're designed to prevent fluid penetration, the fact that they can be used to store liquids isn't too far a leap of logic.
His squad was going over the supplies he packed to try and blend in as a high schooler, and they found a condom. Mao asked him if he knew what it was for, and he said storing water. It's a very common survival kit supply item, specifically because of how much water it can hold.
Chekhovs Gunman: the red haired girl sousuke saves from a Hind-D in the first episode, she shows up in the later novels and makes the souped up replacement for the Arbalest, the ARX-8 Laevatein
Cherry Blossoms
The Chains Of Commanding: Tessa lets her frustrations spill out in episode 8 of The Second Raid, not to mention her anger at being the odd girl out in the Love Triangle.
Chick Magnet: Sōsuke. Kaname, Tessa, Ena Saeki, Gray (who has heavy implications of being at least attracted to him), and Nami (from the novels) have the hots for him. Several girls at his school also show that they find him extremely handsome. And that's not even getting into how Even The Guys Want Him...
Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Gauron. He changes sides like crazy, without much reason other than that another side will give him more opportunities for destruction and meeting Kashim.
Class Representative: Kaname.
Cluster F Bomb: you believe that Sōsuke's outburst when defeating Gauron was bad? Then here's a little example from Fumoffu (note: the stuff is censored so this is mainly speculative)...
Sōsuke: Once you survive my training, then and only then will you become a weapon! Until that time you lowly maggots are nothing but a bunch of cocksuckers! I despise and look down upon you. Let's make one thing clear: my job is to find the limp dicks among you and weed them out! I won't have a stinking pussy on our team keeping us from victory! There will be no laughing or crying. You are NOT human beings! You are KILLING MACHINES! If you couldn't kill, your lives will become worthless! You fuckers would be better off in a corner jacking off your meat! You want to lose just to stand out? Pretend it hurts to gain some sympathy?! You are pathetic loser scum! The best part of you ran down on the cracks of your father's dicks and ended up as a cumstain on the mattress! Quit draggin' your feet, you fuckers! If you whimper, I will unscrew your head and shit down on your neck! That ball is your only girlfriend! You don't need a Mary Jane with boobs and a large backside! Think of it as a wet pussy and fuck her as hard as you can!
Of course he got it from "Mao's Pocketbook: How To Abuse A Training Recruit". And Kaname implies he doesn't even know what he's saying.
Who, in return, got it from Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.
And Gates from the English dub of The Second Raid.
Completely Missing The Point: Sōsuke is the king Anthropomorphic Personification of this.
Special mention for Kurz who upon seeing the gum that Gauron very deliberately pressed into his Arm Slave complains about litterbugs. Thrown gum does not flatten like that!
Conspicuous CG
Cool And Unusual Punishment: In the novels, Mardukas threatens Sōsuke with such punishments as making him Silly Walk around the base and having him teach the self-defense class using a banana. Sadly, these references are removed from the anime.
Cool Big Sis: Melissa Mao, who references the trope almost by name in The Second Raid.
Cool Old Guy: Kalinin
The Combat Pragmatist: Sōsuke has certainly studied in the Indiana Jones school of Bringing a Gun to a Knifefight.
Among many other things.
Crazy Prepared: Sōsuke. In one episode, he's even shown having a biochemical suit handy.
Creepy Twins: Yu Fan and Yu Lan
Crossdressing Voices: Mamiko Noto as Shinji Kazama?... Okay then...
Crowning Moment Of Awesome : When Sōsuke fights five Venom units in the finale, and singlehandedly hands their asses to them, when at first, he had great difficulty in defeating even one.
Crowning Moment Of Funny: The entire rugby episode of Fumoffu, natch. The SoundEffectBleeps only add to the gut-busting laughter when accompanied by Sosuke quoting Full Metal Jacket.
And then the game starts.
Cute Shotaro Boy: Sōsuke as a kid. Gauron himself Lampshades this, saying that he always thought Sōsuke had big beautiful eyes, and an adorable face. And not just Gauron felt... impulses of that sort towards young Sōsuke. Apparently, while Sōsuke was with fellow Guerillas, he was a bit afraid that they would jump him in his sleep because he was just so darn pretty and cute. Yes, even at such a young age, he was able to bewitch many men.
Dating Sim: Sōsuke plays one of these to help him better understand women. It doesn't work.
Death Seeker: Gauron, Gauron, Gauron. Extra irony in that, for the majority of the entire series, he just can't seem to.
Distressed Damsel: Kaname
Does This Remind You Of Anything: A hair cut, of all things. The entire scene is treated with a large degree of intimacy, and afterwards Sousuke and Kaname are basically acting as though they just got it on.
Well, normally this definitely would sound ridiculous... but since it's Sousuke, it actually makes sense, unfortunately. On Sousuke's part, that act was probably the equivalent of them making out, taking into account his intimacy issues and the fact that appealing to his trust issues turns him on more than anything else (including skimpy outfits or overt flirting). And on Kaname's part, this act was pretty much the most intimate that they've had. And seeing how their relationship thusfar had strictly been on a No Hugging No Kissing basis, her standards of intimacy had probably been lowered considerably. So in other words, yes. The closest thing to sex with Sousuke was giving him a haircut.
To go further, even with Kaname being the one to do it, he still has trust issues about it that subconsciously bother him later on. He actually has nightmares about it, where she slits his throat with the razor. So yes, to him, it was a bit too intimate and a very large sacrifice for him to allow her to do that. Guess she was moving too fast for him.
That's partially explained by the fact that apparently he has some sort of "soldier's sense" or something, and there was a loaded gun pointed at him the entire time his hair was being cut.
And then there's basically any interaction between Gauron and Sousuke.
Dojikko: Tessa
Enjo Kosai: Subverted hard with Kaname using this technique to borderline seduce an older man, then taser him and handcuff him to the bathtub, just to get a safe place for a moment.
Even The Girls Want Her: Tessa, when she visits Sōsuke's class in an episode of Fumoffu. ("She's so cute!")
Also applies to some of the female fans of the show.
Even The Guys Want Him: Sōsuke. Along with being a total Chick Magnet, he has Gauron as a crazed Stalker With A Crush, (in the manga) the school swim team instructor has the hots for him, (in an episode of Fumoffu) a Camp Gay trio of bullies are way too eager to see him swim naked in a lake, and Your Mileage May Vary, but Zaied's attachment towards Sōsuke could very well be in the realm of Ho Yay.
Evil Has A Bad Sense Of Humor: Gauron has a sense of humor... except it's a really horrible one. Lampshaded and made fun of in The Abridged Series.
Evilly Affable: Gauron and Gates.
Expy: Sōsuke starts the series as a fairly direct cookie cutter expy of Heero Yuy, minus the suicidal tendencies. He quickly improves.
Hilarity Ensues when the two meet in Super Robot Wars W.
Extended Disarming - See Hammerspace below.
Fanservice: Many examples throughout the series, including many panty shots and Most Common Superpower shots with Kaname, but one that particularly stood out to was Sousuke walking out of the shower... not wearing his towel.
Also, in The Second Raid, when Kaname was giving Sōsuke a haircut, she had told him to turn to the right. He then moves to the left, prompting her to say "No, your other right." He then gets a clear view of her cleavage.
Fear Leads To Anger: Kaname.
Fish Out Of Water: Sōsuke
Foe Yay: Gauron spends an awful lot of his time thinking about Sōsuke. Not to mention the whole "I love you Kashim!" thing. Or how, in the novels, he said he would've wanted to kill him and fuck his corpse.
Forbidden Fruit: There's just something about how mysterious and unattainable Sousuke is that makes people really want him...
Gaussian Girl: Gauron, while reminiscing about the "beautiful" 12-year-old Sōsuke, is shown seeing Sōsuke in this manner◊. Yeah, Gauron has problems.
Genius Ditz: Tessa
Genre Savvy / Wrong Genre Savvy: Kaname, especially in the books, watches entirely too many action movies for her own good. Sometimes it's beneficial, usually it's not ("Please! I know captains are tough old bastards like Sean Connery. You're one of those people who read telegrams or something.")
Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: A rare female-to-male example, at the end of TSR.
Gratuitous English: Kaname should probably work on hers. "Don't Worry, Everything is gonna Happy. ♥"
Of course, Kurz speaks fluent Japanese; his brief use of Gratuitous English when introducing himself to Kaname and Kyouko is a completely intentional Funny Foreigner act.
Groin Attack: Sōsuke in Fumoffu repeatedly stomped on a man's groin while he was down and gave another 4 successive punches there.
Kurz attempted one in episode 23 to Gen (one of Gauron's moles). It just didn't work because he sucks at close combat.
Hammerspace: Where exactly does Sōsuke pull out all his weapons and equipment from?! With how much stuff he carries, his uniform or pockets should be a lot bulkier...
Lampshaded in Fumoffu.
Handsome Lech: Kurz
Heroic BSOD: Sōsuke spends a substantial portion of The Second Raid in the throes of one.
Hero Stole My Bike: In Fumoffu Kaname and Sōsuke steal a bike in order to get back to school in time for their test. Hilarity Ensues when a crazy policewoman tries to pull them over, leading to a Chase Scene that results in her crashing her squad car. Which then explodes.
Hey Catch: Sōsuke does one with a grenade.
Hey Its That Voice: If you've watched the Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni anime, try to watch any scene where Kaname laughs without cringing.
Hey You: Gauron tends to call certain people by overly familiar names, and when they express discomfort and anger, it only fuels him to do it more.
Hey You Haymaker: Sōsuke uses this one on the head of the Amateur Karate club while he's distracted by flirting with Kaname. Not that he's jealous or anything, he just needed to defeat the guy so they would leave and let the club house be demolished like the Absurdly Powerful Student Council wanted.
Hikaru Genji Plan: Very, very strongly implied in TSR between Gauron and the twins Yu Fan and Yu Lan. Apparently, in the novels, he was also trying to do this with the young Sōsuke, but unfortunately for him, Sōsuke declined.
Hostage Situation: Handled by Sōsuke in a typically insane way.
Hot Springs Episode: In "Fumoffu," complete with the antics of Kurz Weber, where he desperately attempts to peep within the girl's bathhouses. Although his plans are foiled each time by Sōsuke.
Ho Yay: Gauron towards Sōsuke. Overlaps with Foe Yay.
Humongous Mecha: With hair! (The hair's used for cooling)
Hyperspace Arsenal: Sōsuke's — mostly in Fumoffu, but it pops up briefly in The Second Raid as well.
Identical Grandson: In Sōsuke's backstory, he's revealed to look exactly like his mother. No wonder Even The Guys Want Him...
Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: The titles of the Japanese light novels follow the format "[Verb, usually progressive] [Three word English phrase]."
And the titles of the side-story collections are puns on Japanese phrases containing the number of the collection.
Idiot Plot: The last 5 episodes of the 1st season of the Anime rely on a hostage situation that is only possible because lots of people who know better decide it is safer to allow a proven Mad Dog killer have access to the bridge of a heavily armed warship than to try to fight him and risk him killing people.
But—but—it's Gauron, of all people! ...besides, Tessa seemed well-prepared for it, anyway (replacing the torpedoes on the submarine with duds, for instance—at least, in the manga).
Ill Girl: A good bit of Kurz Weber's pay turns out to go towards the medical bills of a girl who was critically injured by his Cold Sniper mentor, Casper.
Improbable Age: Sōsuke; Tessa
Improvised Weapon: Kaname use of second base to knock out Sōsuke comes to mind.
Hey, it may be the only time we get to see those two get to second base.
In Love With Your Carnage: Gauron is this way towards Sōsuke, calling Sōsuke the "Assassin-Saint Kashim", and tries to get Kaname killed because she changed Sōsuke.
Iron Buttmonkey: Sgt Sosuke Sagara.
Inspector Zenigata: Ms Yoko Wakana from Fumoffu.
I Surrender Suckers: This is how Gauron (with a little help from his infiltrated friends) took over the Tuatha de Danaan at the final episode arc of the first season.
The Jimmy Hart Version: "Tokko Yaraou", a track played throughout the series, sounds an awful lot like The A Team's theme. Also, Fumoffu's ending theme is almost identical to Santana's Game of Love.
Lampshade Hanging: Kalinin talks to Sōsuke about how "science fiction" weapons like the Arm Slaves exist despite all logic saying they shouldn't.
Last Name Basis
Laughing Mad: Kaname has a crazy laugh that she gives whenever she's lying about something — such as the possibility of being attracted to that nutcase Sōsuke. Or that his latest bone-headed antic bothers her in the least. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Launcher Of A Thousand Ships: Sōsuke. He's been paired with pretty much all the major characters, plus some side characters. Men, women, friends, enemies, characters much older than him, you name it.
He would probably believe that "shipping" would be used in its actual sense.
Lawyer Friendly Cameo: Death Note characters could be sighted briefly in The Second Raid, a superhero from a show bears more than a passing resemblance to Spider-Man, among several others.
Les Yay (Mao has actually groped Tessa's breasts and spend an inordinate amount of time with her, most times while inebriated, naked, and in a sexually charged mood.)
Left Hanging
Lethal Chef: Kalinin's late wife's special Borscht recipe requires on-the-second stirring, PH balance testing, Cocao powder, and Miso Paste. In the manga, Sousuke tries cooking rice in a rice cooker. Over a fire. Indoors.
Lighter And Softer: Fumoffu
Live Action Adaptation: Mandalay Pictures has announced they have acquired the rights. See WTH Casting Agency below...
Loners Are Freaks: Sousuke specifically tries not to get too attached to anyone. Unfortunately, being a Magnetic Hero, Nakama just keep flocking to him. Gauron later tells Sousuke the opposite of this trope - that being a loner is actually a good thing, and being surrounded by friends weakens him. Of course, he might also have other more shallow reasons for telling him that...
Love At First Sight: No matter how you look at it, Gauron (in his own warped, weird way) fell in love at first sight with "beautiful" Kashim.
Love Hotels
Love It Or Hate It: There is no middle ground when it comes to people's feelings toward Gauron. They either love him for being a psychotic Stalker With A Crush that just won't die, or hate him for being a shallow villain that doesn't have a grander purpose in life.
Love Letter Lunacy: Starting with the lockers being demolished again...
Love Triangle: Kaname, Sōsuke, Tessa. And Your Mileage May Vary, but it's hinted that there is one (albeit very warped) with Gauron, Sōsuke, and Yu Fang and Yu Lan.
Luminescent Blush: Sōsuke does this a few times, most notably in Fumoffu. It's really◊ rather◊ entertaining◊.
Kaname has one in the first episode when discussing that weirdo Sōsuke on the phone, showing that she's lying about not finding him attractive.
Mac Guffin Girl: Kaname, to a minor extent. Not so much "seeking" her as "protecting," but the idea is the same.
Mafia Princess: Ren
Magic Skirt: In Fumoffu and The Second Raid, most definitely not present in the first series, coincidentally the only Gonzo-produced one.
Married To The Job: Sōsuke. Completely socially inept, and very dedicated to his job.
This actually becomes a major plot point in The Second Raid.
Mascot With Attitude: Bonta-Kun. More specifically, Sosuke's own Bonta-Kun combat suit.. which has a cross-shaped scar on it's chin.
Memetic Sex God: Everyone wants to do Sōsuke.
Mental Time Travel: The "Whispered", to some extent.
Misguided Missile
Moe: Oh lord, Sōsuke when he was young. Absolutely. Adorable. And very huggable, too. Especially when he's holding his Bonta-kun stuffed animal.
Moment Killer: TSR, Episode 13. It's not even a kiss, but when that group of girls comes out of the classroom to find Kaname crying in Sōsuke's arms, juuust as he was about to hug her for the first time, he gives up and lets them assume whatever. Argh!
Not to mention earlier in the same episode where Kaname hilariously does this to herself. Of course, she blames Sousuke.
Mood Whiplash: The manga alternates between several chapters of hilarity involving Sōsuke's misadventures at school and longer, far more serious story arcs with more realistic battles involving giant robots and people getting blown up.
Multinational Team
Mundangerous: Anything that Kaname is holding becomes dangerous when used on Sōsuke.
Murder The Hypotenuse: Depending on how you look at it, this could be considered Gauron's intention when he orders the Chinese twins to kill Kaname.
Musical Pastiche: One of the pieces of background music is a knockoff of The A-Team theme song. It's even used as Bonta-kun's theme in the SRW games.
Nails On A Blackboard: Kaname uses this to calm a mass panic instantly. The mass panic is the result of class 4 being informed that they were infected with a lethal bacteria and they were all going to die. They try to escape as a result and only Kaname's badass factor allows her to invoke this trope to a successful conclusion.
Newspaper Thin Disguise
New Transfer Student: Sōsuke, as well as Tessa for all of two episodes.
Nightmare Fuel: Gauron. As well as Gates in the second season.
Noble Demon: Leonard Testarossa
No One Could Survive That: Gauron, who pulls this around 4-5 times, with each instance getting more and more ridiculous as to how he could survive it.
Not What It Looks Like: Played straight until it's subverted in Fumoffu, when Chidori has full knowledge on how incapable Sōsuke is on acting on anything even remotely connected to sex.
The Nudifier: Fumoffu had a clothes-eating bacteria.
Oblivious To Love: Sōsuke for the majority of the series. Why are all these girls (and guys) so angry when he hangs out with a particular girl? He can't possibly think of any reason.
Oddly Named Sequel: Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
Only Six Faces: Okay, maybe more like seven or eight.
Ordinary High School Student: Kaname
Paper Fan Of Doom: Kaname's, used on Sōsuke 90% of the time.
Panty Thief
Panty Shot: The anime really seems to enjoy these in its first six or seven episodes.
Parental Abandonment: Sōsuke; Kaname
Perpetual Frowner: Sōsuke. He hardly ever smiles. In fact, did he ever smile?
Yes, actually. In Fumoffu, one is when Sōsuke is struggling with studying and Chidori lends him her notes. She tells him to bring it back the next day and he accepts it with a smile and saying he'll return it. He forgets to. Hilarity Ensues.
He actually smiles a lot more than that.
Peek A Boo The Hot Springs Episode
Pixellation: Used in a gag in Fumoffu! to hide the contents of a gory package.
Platonic Prostitution
Prisoner Exchange: Sousuke has to make the decision of trading his hostage for either Kaname or Tessa. He picks Tessa, knowing that Kaname can protect herself just fine, and her Action Girl instincts means that she'll mess up the bad guys plans by reacting in a way they don't expect.
Psycho For Hire: Gauron, and Gates in the second third season.
Questioning Title: Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
The Quiet One: Sōsuke
Raised By Wolves: Sōsuke
Ramming Always Works: In the second manga series, Sigma.
Real Robot: Played "straight" with the Arm Slaves.
Ridiculously Cute Critter: Bunta-Kun.
Rugby Union: Sōsuke submits the school Rugby team to some extreme training
Sacrificed Basic Skill For Awesome Training
Scars Are Forever: Sōsuke has a permanent cross-shaped scar on his chin, though it's never explained. And Gauron — oh boy, Gauron.
Selective Obliviousness: Sousuke refuses to comprehend that numerous people are in love with him. His obliviousness gets to the point of ridiculousness, where at least three characters come out directly and tell him that they love him - only for him to dismiss it or completely misunderstand it.
Sergeant Rock: Cmdr. Mardukas.
Shell Shocked Veteran: Sōsuke, after going through wars, becomes rather emotionless and very paranoid. He gets better with Kaname's help.
Ship Tease: A simply classic one in Ep. 6 of The Second Raid.
Shirtless Scene: Sōsuke gets quite a few.
One scene in Fumoffu stands out as pure Estrogen Brigade Bait and Fan Service. Sōsuke has just gone 4 days without sleeping due to schoolwork and his job and driven over the edge. Before passing out, he ponders on why he has to suffer like this. For no reason at all, during the internal monologue, it shows a picture of Sousuke shirtless in a pose that would have any of his admirers absolutely screaming◊.
Shotacon: Gauron's been a creepy Stalker With A Crush towards Sōsuke since the latter was twelve. Yeah.
Shout Out: Mardukas is a Monty Python fan, as mentioned in the Cool And Unusual Punishment entry; since they couldn't use these references in the anime, they settle for a more subtle Shout Out when, in a parody of the Psycho shower scene, the attacker wields a banana.
In the English dub, whole quotes from a certain Drill Sergeant Nasty from Full Metal Jacket are used for the Rugby team's Training From Hell. Even without that, near the end of their training, the Rugby team members started talking extremely... affectionately to Rugby balls that they were cleaning.
And let's not forget a later episode in which Shinji goes into SEED mode.
Slap Slap Kiss: Mao and Kurz, though they haven't reached the "kiss" part yet in the anime.
Sōsuke and Kaname, and they have gotten so agonizingly close to the kissing part in the anime to the point that it's starting to hurt.
Smug Snake: Gauron, Gauron, Gauron...
And Leonard Testarossa to a (slightly) lesser extent.
Sparkling Stream Of Tears
The Spartan Way: Sōsuke became an assassin at age eight, then became a terrorist at age eleven...
He also subjects the School Rugby team to this method. It gets lampshaded when Kaname asks where he got the idea for such a brutal training method, at which point he produces a training book written by Melissa Mao. Let's just say, she's something of an expert on this.
Spell My Name With An S: Tessa's full name seems like it ought to be "Theresa" or "Teresa," but the official spelling is "Teletha" instead.
Squee: This is basically the captain's response when Sousuke calls her Tessa for the first time.
Squick: Wait, was Gates just whacking off, and all that was shown on screen was a picture of a kitten?
Stalker With A Crush: Gauron to Sōsuke.
And Leonard to Kaname.
Stalking Is Love: Kaname is actually ridiculously happy when she interprets Sōsuke's following her around as him being a Stalker With A Crush. Of course, she's very much unhappier with it after she finds out he isn't following her because of that, but because it's his job.
Leonard also seems to believe in this trope.
The Stoic: Sōsuke
Such A Lovely Noun: Sōsuke uses this to disperse an entire gang in Fumoffu.
Super Robot Wars: J and W.
Another Centurys Episode: R
Suspiciously Specific Denial: Sōsuke's very specific description of how he's a completely normal person who doesn't have anything to do with the military during his outing with Mizuki and her friends.
Talkative Loon: Gates, who tends to scream around and playact for long, long periods of time. Gauron, as well - especially considering that one word from Sousuke can prompt him to ramble on and on nonstop.
Teach Him Anger
Teen Genius: Tessa, Sōsuke, and under the right circumstances, Kaname.
Theme Naming: Mizuki's color-coded friends, Manami Akagi (red), Madoka Tsuge (yellow), and Shouko Midorikawa (green). Kaname even compares them to a traffic light.
Theme Tune Cameo.
There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Sōsuke. Oh, Sōsuke.
The Thing That Goes Doink: Seen quite prominently at the Yakuza home of Mikihara in Fumoffu.
This Is For Emphasis Bitch: Played straight for laughs by Hayashimizu when Kaname is kidnapped by thugs in the second season's first episode. Hilarity Ensues given he delivers it in monotone, "translating" Sōsuke's military phrasings into street slang for the thug and vice versa.
This Is Not A Drill
Too Much Information: In the novels, Gauron telling Sōsuke exactly what he fantasized doing to him back in Kanka. Sōsuke is, unsurprisingly, horrified. It certainly puts a whole new meaning to Gauron's "So — what's that face for?" remark afterwards.
Too Soon: The name of Sōsuke Sagara's "home" country (Afghanistan) was changed in the anime and translation to a fictional country (Helmajistan).
The Fumoffu season also had two episodes cut out due to sensitive content, following a Real Life kidnapping case in Japan shortly before it was set to be aired.
Training From Hell: Sōsuke inflicts this upon Jindai High's rugby team, with hilarious results.
Trigger Happy: Gauron, who has to be restrained from shooting people he shouldn't. And Sōsuke, although he mitigates it by mostly using rubber bullets while he's at school or on outings with Kaname and her friends. Sōsuke's trigger-happy tendencies are also significantly more pronounced in the Full Metal Panic: Overload manga, where he's actually more trigger-happy than Gauron. (Yes, it's actually possible.)
In Overload Sousuke is literally addicted to guns and starts experiencing withdrawal symptoms after Kaname forbids him to fire a gun for a day.
Tsundere: Kaname. Definitely Kaname.
Twice Shy: Sousuke and Kaname's relationship. Which is also the reason why they haven't even kissed in the entire series (yes, even in the 20 novels thusfar). The most intimate they've gotten has been holding hands.
Twincest: Yu Fan and Yu Lan
Unexpected Genre Change: The second season, Fumoffu, served mostly to give the fans something to watch in between the more serious first and third seasons. As a result, it goes from gritty realism to off-the-wall slapstick comedy and back again.
Occurs to a lesser extent in "filler" episodes, where it has an ALMOST Fumoffu-like style to it. Such as using Arm Slaves for a school event.
Unresolved Sexual Tension: In the anime at least, Kaname and Sōsuke. Also, Mao and Kurz have a lot of this.
Oh, the Kaname and Sōsuke have a fair amount of it in the manga, too.
Unstoppable Rage: The Lambda Driver turns anger into physical power. And given the fact that it's implied that once they get the kinks worked out it'll make nukes obsolete pretty much gives enough of a reason why this trope applies.
Victory Gloating
Welcome To My World: to quote Kaname's internal monologue in the first book
This is the real Sōsuke. You might be in charge at school, but here, you're a liability. One wrong move, and you'll be a bloodstain. Now, let's go walk through hell.
Wet Sari Scene
Woolseyism: The Rugby episode from Fumoffu. Full stop.
What Beautiful Eyes: Sōsuke. Although he doesn't have eyes that have a particularly special color, they are huge and pretty. Gauron became infatuated with him initially because of his emotionless, cold eyes. "Anyone would say they're beautiful" indeed.
What Do You Mean Its Not Awesome: Sōsuke reciting his class responsibilities after being asked "Who are you!?" in the middle of an otherwise incredibly awesome sequence where he trashes five other Lambda Driver-equipped armed slaves.
Your Mileage May Vary. After almost fifty episodes in which Sousuke defined himself mostly or entirely in terms of his military functions - a theme that was especially prominent in The Second Raid - it was at the very least an impressive bit of Character Development to see him embrace the nonmilitary part of his life so passionately.
No love for Fumoffu? The hot springs episode culminated in the males (minus Sousuke) running a defense perimeter Sousuke set up, complete with awesome music, lots of explosions, and a minor Rousing Speech by Kurz. Subverted, though: It was awesome. And hilarious.
One could say that the vast majority of Fumoffu's humor could qualify. Which is still hilariously awesome.
White Haired Pretty Boy: Leonard Testarossa.
White Haired Pretty Girl: Tessa Testarossa.
Why Dont Ya Just Shoot Him: Many viewers asked this to Sousuke when he had Gauron at gunpoint before being arrested and going on to hijack the Danaan.
And Sousuke was inside his AS.
Wild Hair: Sousuke's long hair when he was a young guerilla.
WTH Casting Agency: The proposed Live Action Adaptation has Zac Efron attached to the project. Cue the inevitable fandom cry of "It's gonna suck!"
Can you image how more disturbing will Gauron obsession with Sosuke be, when it will involve musical numbers with 9 meter tall mecha. So Yeah.
Efron is at the very least a fan of the series, and he himself said that the movie probably won't happen.
Xanatos Gambit: Gauron pulls a magnificently executed one at the end of the first season. He attacks a chemical weapons dump where he threatens to release it, knowing Mithril will come to stop him. He then surrenders, claiming his AS overheated. His plan all along was to use this as a way to get on the Tuatha De Dannan and take it over from the inside with some inside help. He succeeds and is only stopped when he attempts to self-destruct, taking the sub with him, but is instead flung off the ship by Sōsuke who he attempted to take with him. Since his objective was to be killed by Sōsuke...
Yamato Nadeshiko: Ren Mikihara from Fumoffu.
You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Kaname, just look at her.
She's actually an interesting case in that her hair is explicitly stated as being black in the novels, even though the cover art for those novels shows her with blue hair. When the first season was produced, the animators chose to go with the blue hair, but selected a relatively dark shade. This was changed to a lighter shade of blue in the second season. The new, lighter shade may be part of the reason some fans have had difficulty accepting that black is her 'real' hair colour.
Young Entrepreneur: Sosuke tries to patent and sell his Bonta-Kun combat suit entirely for the technological advantage it provides, without realizing it's outward appearance was preventing sales. He actually succeeded in selling a few of them to the FBI, the Miami police and a local Yakuza gang.
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